The Right Mix: Lobsters with Hard Shell are able to Survive the Darkest Depths

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Evolution has made these crustaceans of the sea quite hardy along the rocky coastal areas of the world. And, their journey is not much different than the business world. Lobsters, while a profitable commodity, enjoy an interesting grading depending on the make-up of their shell that creates an elegant analogy for business lifestyles. Young lobsters, […]


Is it Zucchini or Italian Squash? What’s in a name – Factoring VS ABL

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Zucchini, like all squash, was originally brought over to Europe from the Americas after the initial waves of exploration and colonization in the 16th century. The variety of squash that are commonly referred to as the zucchinis were curated in the Northern Italy in the latter 19th century. Factoring and ABL’s story are extraordinarily similar. […]


Fruit vs. Vegetables: ABL vs. Factoring

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If you have already seen our Zucchini post, you’ll know that we take designations seriously! For our Cooking the Books October 2020 edition, we’ll be looking at another “botanical fruit” but used as “cooking vegetable”. When we think of tomatoes as a fruit or prepared as something sweet – not many star recipes jump to […]