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Welcome to Camel Financial, Inc.

At Camel, we dedicate the time to understanding the unique needs of your small business. For over 30-years, we have offered unique financing solutions for business in a variety of different “un-bankable” situations. Seasonality, unpredictable trends, and just plain old bad luck affect small and medium businesses disproportionately harder than their larger counterparts.

Our clientele includes relatively new companies with limited credit history, companies experiencing rapid growth with current or new customers, and even restructuring in post-bankruptcy situations. If you feel your company (or even your slow-paying customers) can benefit from our service, give us a call at 949-722-7717 or drop us an email and we will work with you to address your cash-flow needs.

We've Been in Business to Help Your Business

Established in 1988 in Orange County, Camel Financial has helped thousands of companies find financial freedom to grow into multi-million dollar industries. Your company benefits from the knowledge and expertise of our staff with a partnership that will help your company reach the next level.

We Do Working Capital

For businesses, accounts receivable collection periods can feel like walking through a desert… You’ve done the work, your customer has the product, and now you have to wait for terms to finally get paid.

But you still have more orders to fill, inventory to purchase, and staff salaries to cover. The money is there but tied up in your accounts receivable and banks won’t approve your loan or increase your line of credit. That’s where we come in and turn those invoices into cash so you can get back to work. Let Camel Financial help you through the collection desert.

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Make Your Assets Work For You

A/R Financing

Unlock your company's Accounts Receivables with a self-liquidating line-of-credit. Assign invoices through a schedule of accounts and get access to cash without adding additional debt.

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Equipment Loans

Utilize the growth in your operations as a mechanism for more money. Camel offers increases in lines-of-credit for your company's used or leased equipment based on the appraised value.

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Inventory Loans

Leverage your inventory to increase your borrowing availability. Leverage moving inventory to get the money you need the moment you need it and let its turnover pay down the loan.

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Learn, Compare, Begin

With so many ways to utilize your additional cash-flow, why hasn't your company utilized an asset-based revolver? Learn about the processes, compare our product with other forms of alternative finance, or jump right into the application process by submitting a detailed aging - whichever works for best for you, Camel is here to help your company with its cash-flow needs.