Electronic payments are the new thing

Apple strikes again with a new and innovative way of payment, Apple Pay.  With this latest release, the company anticipates an increasing number of consumers utilizing this method. There are high hopes that the public will convert from the organic means of cash to this brand new, highly advanced process which offers consumers to pay with their personal electronics. Technology is progressing at an immense speed that consumers cannot keep up with. Every year, Apple releases a new generation of iphones. Every iphone owner has the capability to call, text, and facetime. Paying purchases will quickly be added on to that list. This is the future. The BitCoin community has their share of opinions. The difference lie in the fact that Apple Pay is a form of payment and BitCoin is a currency. BitCoin faces a challenge of lack of confidence with consumers. While, Apple is a well-established brand that people trust and feel secure investing their time and money in. However, the real concern is within the economy not the consumers.  With success comes responsibility. High authorities are given power over money which can be mishandled and produce dishonesty and corruption. The economy has been down for a while. There must be some hope for a better tomorrow.


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