Who We Serve

AR Financing for Service, Wholesale, Distributing and Manufacturing Companies

Historically many of Camel Financials clients are in these industries. We like to finance companies close to home so we can visit these businesses in person, see their operations, speak with their owners and work with their growing manufacturing needs.

AR Financing for Technology Companies

Camel Financial is one of the original Orange County finance companies to offer local tech companies the start-up and/ or AR capital to grow into one the most competitive tech markets in the country. Helping tech companies take their emerging ideas to the next level has been apart of storied history..

AR Financing for Staffing Agencies

Camel Financial has a long history of financing employment firms in the medical and business sectors. Staffing companies benefit from factoring, as payroll needs to be paid out in 15- 30 days but the billing cycle can run as much as 60 days. Camel Financial ability to help companies bridge the gap in cash strapped staffing companies..

AR Financing for the Trucking Industry

Over the course of Camel Financials tradition of financing, trucking companies, freight brokers and transportation suppliers have been a common client. Helping truckers get paid quickly to keep their cash flow and trucks moving is part of our portfolio of special clients.