Time to Spend

The Federal Reserve has called to action their plans on reverting back to a more simple monetary policy. The new program will begin with a raise in the federal funds rate in hopes of having increased interest rates reaching a normal point. In addition, with the recent decrease in gas prices, consumers have more spending money in their pocket. The reduction came in just about the right time. People will be more willingly to spend if they have confidence in their savings and feel financially stable. This in turn will speed up the economy’s recovery, which has been concerning many Americans. Spending has been kept to a minimum for some time. With the holidays coming up, there is much anticipation for a growth in consumer spending. All these factors add to the positive buying environment and a major boost for the economy. Each year, the holidays have provided much revenue. Predictions of the holiday season expect to be the highest in the past few years. The economy waits in hope for similar results this upcoming holiday season.

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