Our Team

Lynn Sopwith
CEO Amenity

Lynn Sopwith has been working in the commercial finance industry for over 40 years. His knowledge and expertise in this field is unparalleled. He takes personal gratification in knowing that he has helped thousands of companies flourish over the course of his career. He is now retired.

Dale Hamilton
Vice President

Dale Hamilton is a seminal part of Camel Financial. Having been with us from the beginning and having 40 years experience his ability to facilitate our clients is bar none.

Jennifer Lopez
Account Manager


Jennifer Lopez is a 19 year veteran and is one of the best collateral analyst in the industry.

Helena Sopwith
Managing Partner

Helena Sopwith is committed to the family business and works hard to find companies that can benefit from Camel Financial’s long history of lending.

Lines of credit starting at $10,000.
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